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Verge has undergone a halving on the 26th Jan 2021, the current reward for mining a block is now 100 XVG.

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What is Verge (XVG)?
Market Prediction for Verge price
Our Verdict on XVG price Prediction
Verge price prediction 2020
Verge price prediction 2025
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Verge Price for today is $0.02296. Its current circulating supply is XVG 16,430,426,166 with a market cap of $377,916,108.
Market Prediction for Verge price
The cryptocurrency market has remained very volatile and is known to be fluctuating. Forecasting what will happen in one day is tough enough, now you can understand how difficult it is to predict for years. Most of the market investors are looking up to Verge because of its unique qualities and features. Let’s check some of the predictions given by editorials/ websites/ investors/ enthusiasts:

#1 Wallet Investor
One of the best crypto market analysis site, stated that verge coin might reach up to $0.000370 by the end of 2020. They even stated that in 5 years, XVG might go up by 2-3%.

#2 Mega Crypto Price
According to this website, XVG might reach $0.7401 by 2020 (Verge Coin price prediction 2020). They even added that by 2023, Verge might reach $2.39.

#3 Coin Fan
Coin Fan predicts that by the end of 2020, XVG might reach as much as $0.45 and on the lower side, it can reach $0.21.

#4 Digital Coin Price
This website predicts that XVG might reach $0.0257 by the end of 2020 and might reach $0.043 by 2022. It even shows a fall in price in 2023 and predicts that XVG price might get devalued to $0.041.

#5 Trading Beasts
Trading Beasts predict that XVG might reach around $0.07 towards the end of 2020. This forecast is a very pessimistic one.

Our Verdict on XVG price Prediction
Recently, Bitnovo a crypto exchange platform decided to add support for XVG. A move that will see crypto users in Spain and Italy purchase XVG via ATMs through their over 20,000 stores. In another move that will boost the price of XVG, Crypto Planet – one of the largest and fastest-growing e-commerce retailer using crypto has decided to add support for XVG. The platform is built to address the need for affordable shopping destination using virtual currencies. It focuses on the accessibility of all kinds of products in the electronic and apparel space. By the end of 2020, XVG may reach $0.175, which is a conservative yet thoughtful prediction.

Verge price prediction 2020
By 2020, its overall demand might grow and its use cases will hit high hence XVG price prediction 2020 looks full of promises. It could be widespread and might be available in every exchange platforms. Users bet that the Rootstock project can significantly promote Verge. The team is also working on the Wrath Protocol which will hide all details from the transaction. BY 2020 end, XVG might reach $0.175, which is a great possibility as by then, XVG is going to grow manifold because of its developments.

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Verge price prediction 2025
In five years Verge is going to gain its popularity and user base exponentially. Verge has been building strategic partnerships since 2018 which have seen increased adoption. Some unique and interesting partnerships include Bamb-U: an Australian outfit that would be using Verge as a payment option for its wide range of watches and sunglasses. Other partners accepting XVG payments include Europe based Royal Queen Seeds which deals with cannabis and Panchanko, an audio cable firm. Verge has partnered with WEB Bank wherein LTC has high stake making this an indirect partnership with Litecoin through the banks TokenPay collaboration. All these ongoing developments are set to give the coin price and value a major boost going forward. By 2025, the XVG price might reach $0.2069. (Verge Coin Future Price)

All these strategic decisions by the Verge community shows that Verge is going to achieve much more than expected and going to gain new milestones by 2025.

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