(LIVE) CryptoMiners now Buying….. LAPTOPS for Mining…?!

This whole cryptocurrency thing is getting out of hand.

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0:00 Crypto, the speculative boom that draws in crypto mining.
4:36 People are buying laptops to mine crypto…. I never thought it would come to this
9:30 Ethereum price…. with a boom of speculative money fueling inefficiency?
12:24 GTX 1060 6GB before pandemic prices? What GPUs are in?
15:45 FOMO… its a dangerous thing. Banks to make their own crypto to void a lot of alt coins?
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18:28 FAILURE Rates HIGHER than ever on new parts? Factories getting overbooked?
25:12 Capacitor Industry experiencing this phenomenon.
26:40 Inside Desk Gaming PC, do it with a server rack?
28:09 BTC to $200,000, do you think it’s possible?
29:36 Getting a second income from PC Flipping?
33:15 Is it normal for a GPU backplate to get really hot?
33:57 Why APUs are not going to be getting much better for a while…
34:55 Buying a prebuilt and taking out the GPU?
37:01 Elgato Wave 3 Mic vs XLR? Does a Mic really matter that much?
39:40 Pursue a career flipping PC? Is now a good time?
40:20 What crosstalk app do you use? Trial and error and the way I learn things.
43:08 RTX 3080 Ti is meant to be 12GB instead of 10GB….!?
45:20 is 10GB enough for 4K gaming on the RTX 3080?
47:44 Used GPUs… Whats going on?
49:05 is 8GB enough for 4K?
51:02 Crypto Mined cards aren’t that bad? Undervolted and taken care of vs gaming?
53:01 Zen 1 CPU destroying ram? (cont)
54:05 Should I go buy a scalped 3060 Ti?
59:25 I am getting sick?
1:03:00 Ryzen 5 2600 or i5-9400F?
1:03:48 Does Multipurpose have a spray like WD40?
1:04:39 Good stopgap GPU at the moment?
1:05:49 NewEgg Shuffle System? Thoughts?
1:07:35 What BGM Do you Use?
1:08:04 a GT 1030 for gaming is…. ugh…
1:11:01 This is what the WORLD is suffering from right now…
1:13:19 How old are you? and What GPU do you identify as?
1:17:44 Using GPUs to sell pre-built? Distributors dodgy?
1:19:38 Gold, safe investment?
1:22:22 Careful with your investments.
1:25:57 Limits for GPU buying? Checking GPU Prices. It’s SCARY!


Will update timetable soon.

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