Harmony ONE Will Create Millionaires Similar to Theta | 210x ROI's Harmony One Price Prediction

Harmony ONE Will Create Millionaires Similar to Theta | 210x ROI's Harmony One Price Prediction

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Harmony One Will be creating millionaires this bull run similar to Theta | In my opinion, 210x ROI’s (Return On Investment) Gains are possible for Harmony One Coin, these are short term Harmony One Price Predictions (2021) – (2022) though.

Fomo and speculation will likely drive the price up to the stratosphere thee next alt coin seasons and utility will finish what speculation started in that high prices for Harmony (One) Crypto will be sustainable. In the beginning I covered Harmony One’s recent news and developments with the Harmony One Team member interview discussing interoperability and a cross-chain ecosystem and what that look’s like.

I also refer to recent Harmony One price action and how it can still 3-4x in price from here if it continues Theta’s trendline.

Hope you enjoyed this Harmony One Token Price Prediction 2022 video and gave you some value!

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By the way: You can currently get a 10% APY through that and is a great way to earn some passive income. The network offers Dapps which means that Harmony (One) is competing for a Multi-Billion dollar market. On top of that, & utilizes cross-chain infrastructure to allow for ETH ERC20 Token Ecosystem Interoperability, when you port those tokens into the Harmony Protocol something Cardano (Ada) is also working on this year as well.

Remember; My price prediction and my opinion on where Harmony (One) Crypto can go in price for 2022 is $4, due to staking, the many Defi use cases/utility and FOMO during a bull market that’s the best price prediction I could come up with when taking into account also the Tokenomics that are present with this token. This is not investment or financial advice by the way, just my own personal opinion for informational and educational purposes

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor therefore, I am not offering financial advice. Do your due diligence and your own research before investing.

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