The Problematic Side Of Sia’s New Movie

The Problematic Side Of Sia’s New Movie

Although it has two Golden Globes nominations, Sia’s new movie Music has received a lot of negative opinions from film critics and the autistic community! Stay tuned to find out why and subscribe to Miss Petty!

Maybe you’ve heard that Sia had her directorial debut with Music, a film about an autistic girl and her sister. And maybe you’ve heard that it has two Golden Globes nominations. And maybe you have also heard that the film has received a lot of backlash and negative opinions from film critics, and, most importantly, from the autistic community.

According to Sia, her film is a “love letter to everyone who has ever felt they didn’t have a voice.” Sia claims that she did it with good intentions and years of research, so why is everyone so upset about it?

Well, it turns out that Sia’s good intentions were not enough, and her film not only misrepresents autistic people, but it could actually endanger them. How did Sia manage to get the hate of the entire community she was trying to represent? How could her “love letter” be seen as a cruel mockery of disabled people? Keep watching if you want to find out the problematic side of Sia’s new movie.

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