DigiByte Update – #241 – DigiByte & Friends / CoinFlip, App updates fixing fiat value, DGB History

Todays DigiByte update looks at the latest iOS TestFlight that’s currently in the “Dev-only” mode, it’ll be going public in a day or two no doubt for further TestFlight feedback but I just wanted to let everyone know that it was being worked on and we’re including a few other fixes there in terms of the speed of sync and more as well. Big thanks to our devs for all their hard work!

DigiByte and Friends episode will be a couple of days out, stay subscribed to get that video when it drops coz it’s going to be a fantastic one looking at CoinFlip, the drama there around their lack of KYC / AML, being complicit in users being scammed out of money and more! However it’s a super positive look at what we as a broader blockchain community as a whole can be doing to improve this space.

We’ve got the DigiByte History really taking shape, go and give Chris a follow and tip him some DigiByte too, to say thanks:

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