Guys these are just amazing times in crypto I couldn’t be happier with the gains. I hope you all are right along with me! Guys what do you think? Should I go full Matrix look, and wear sunglasses on video? The channel is definitely moving along so thank you all for all your support! I hope you all are making lots of money! Guys see information below if you wanna become a student. Mitch a friend of mine will be handling all email for Crypto Matrix Youtube channel! Inbox him today and discover your financial freedom! WE ARE NEARING MAXIMUM CAPACITY! DO NOT WAIT! I am in the process of partnering with several exchanges as well! Epic times!

I teach how to trade and navigate the trading field in leverage trades. If interested in becoming a student see information below!

Payment Options:
✨ETH – 0x722e2066aF9134B9A0a147eafFCf544EE5e42b90

🥇Bybit: xrR9J $200 BONUS
🥈Phemex: $200 BONUS
🥉DueDEX: $200 BONUS


🐜Email: [email protected]

By completing my course you can expect to learn the following!
1. How to mark up your charts. Supports, Resistances.
2. See current trends.
3. Notify Patterns on the fly.
4. How to do leverage trades.
5. How to read and understand the candles.
6. Various Indicators.
7. A self sufficient trader.

If looking to purchase time minimum course requirement is 5 hours. Please send screenshot of your payment and transaction ID in your email. As well as your Youtube tag to [email protected] so I can match you up and get back to you promptly. I am accepting ETH and BTC only. Please allow 3 days for a response. We usually respond faster! When sending payment please account for fee’s and fluctuation. So when sending 5 hour payment send $520 for example. The full course consists of up to 40 hours of content for you to learn. Understand 5 hours is the minimum requirement. The further you go in your learning the wider your knowledge base will be for trading. There are also additive benefits to going beyond the minimum of 5 hours. You will learn about these once you enter ZION. Learning your financial freedom is the best gift you can give someone! If you have been watching my channel you have seen my life change right before your eyes! I look forward to teaching you how to navigate the Crypto Matrix! When you learn to see. It is like reading a book! I look forward to hearing from you!

Here are your payment options:
✨ETH – 0x722e2066aF9134B9A0a147eafFCf544EE5e42b90

Email send to: [email protected]
Email Subject Example: (Red Pill, James)$520 in ETH for 5 hours.)
Attached: Screenshot of payment and transaction ID. Youtube name.

Fees: Reason it says $520 is for fee’s and fluctuation. For instance if you send 500 receiver usually receives less. So please account for fee’s, fluctuation and time sending when you send payment. Thank you. 🙂

Once payment is received you will receive a 2nd onboarding email with instructions.

Your onboarding email will consist of Available times for your sessions as well as all the apps and programs you will need to replicate what I do! It is a process getting started. So please be patient in the starting phases. Once your in your in! You will see quickly I am on to some great strategies and am very enthusiastic about helping you achieve your financial freedom. Learning to read the charts properly and see whats really happening in the price action is the best gift to give someone. That is what I hope to give you as a student. Remember, If you do not come from a rich family a rich family must come from you! Lets get to work!

With the massive influx of students. I do ask you all to be patient! We will respond as quickly as Possible! (Please allow 3 days for response.)

Donations are never expected but always appreciated and help keep the channel rolling!

Be sure to inbox me a screenshot of your payment in an email! Please also include transaction ID. After payment is received you will receive an invite to my private discord channel(ZION) Where you will await your private sessions with Crypto Matrix! As well as learn all about what ZION has to offer moving forward! Congratulations on taking the first steps towards your financial freedom!

✨ETH – 0x722e2066aF9134B9A0a147eafFCf544EE5e42b90

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