IoT Tech Companies will be the BEST Stocks and Crypto to buy?!

Internet of Things IoT is quickly becoming one of the best buys in stocks and cryptocurrency but how do determine the best IoT companies and cryptocurrencies to invest in?!
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DCS is on track to be the best IoT stock!
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Internet of Things IoT is already taking over, why do you think your new washer and dryer wants to connect to WiFi for future updates?! Cryptocurrencies like Helium and their HNT token along with MXC Matcha are leading IoT investments in cryptocurrency but DCS Direct Communication Solutions is shaping up to be an incredibly interesting stock thanks to their MiFleet and MiSensors along with critical partnerships to create an end-to-end solution for IoT. Crypto and blockchain always aim to challenge the existing structures and companies, however, DCS has a proven track record of almost 20 years and continues to push forward building an IoT solution for businesses and users alike! Let’s review IoT Tech Companies and who’s leading the way for some of the most interesting investments you can make right now!

If you want to buy DCS stocks – CSE: DCSI / OTC: DCSX

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Is IoT the next big sector to invest in?
01:27 DCS wants to simplify the Internet of Things
02:13 Everything is connected to the internet today!
02:50 The technology powering DCS
04:07 Helium HNT and MXC IoT crypto
05:44 Leadership behind DCS
06:32 How you can get involved in IoT investing
07:49 Powering software for the future of technology
08:50 History & future of the DCS company
09:51 IoT technology is changing the world!
11:02 DCSI DCSX DCSI IoT stock review

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