DigiByte and Friends – 10 – Blockchain analysis + avoiding scams with Laura Taylor & Rich Sanders

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In this DigiByte and Friends, we look at the Coinflip ATMs and their intentional lack of KYC, which facilitates offshore scam artists, and Coinflips business model is basically “taking a cut” (7%) of enabling scammers. Where there’s 80%+ “remittance payments” made using an ATM, something is definitely wrong.
Where a 65+ year old grandma is using it to make “remittance payments”, something is up, and a quick KYC phone-call from Coinflip to them would have clarified that and could save the end-user from being sucked in through a scam that’s facilitated through Coinflip ATMs.

This is the Team ATII video referenced:

And Mark Rober getting the scammers video we talk about too:

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