Apex Legends Players Losing Heirlooms! Devs Respond To Cheaters + Crypto Heirloom!

Apex Legends Players Loosing Heirlooms! Devs Respond To Cheaters + Crypto Heirloom!

Hey guys and welcome back to another Apex Legends video! Today we have a bunch of news to cover including reports of players losing their heirlooms as well as their cosmetics in game.


Respawn developers have also made an official response to the cheater situation in Apex Legends. Jason McCord posted a couple of videos explaining their current plans for dealing with cheaters in Apex. You can find the full videos linked below.


Towards the end of the video I will be going over some datamined dates for the rest of Season 8 provided by Shrugtal on Twitter! Biast12 also shared some information regarding the next legend to potentially receive a heirloom, which will be for Crypto.

Shrugtal: https://twitter.com/shrugtal
Biast12: https://twitter.com/Biast12

00:00 Intro
00:16 Devs respond to cheaters
02:00 Respawn giving out more free rewards
02:48 Player looses all his cosmetics
03:48 Respawn addresses this bug
04:48 Harsh reality of in game cosmetics
05:27 Titanfall DDOS problem
05:41 Private Matches coming
06:45 Important dates for S8
07:23 Crypto Heirloom leaked

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