Doorbell WiFi Upgrade [DIY, IoT, Node-RED, WLED]

In this video we upgrade a basic doorbell to send notifications over WiFi. With some power harvesting no battery is required. An optional Node-RED server translates the signal and activates a visual notification remotely. This not only helps if the bell isn’t audible but can also be use for hearing disabled people.

Code and Noder-RED flow can be found here:

Links to parts and tools (affiliate links):
ESP8266 D1 Mini ($3.50):
Flexible RGB LED Matrix ($12.20):
AC to DC PSU with Barrel Jack:
Small DC-DC Converter:
Electrolytic Capacitors:
Zener Diode Set ($4):
Full Bridge Rectifiers:

LED Projector ($72):

My camera and lens (4k 60fps):
Zoom H6 Audio Recorder:

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Post Author: Kane Dane