Ripple XRP Biggest Fight Incoming! Major XRP Price Change Soon If Victory Is Secured!

The biggest fight between Ripple XRP and the SEC is just about to begin and the SEC has officially responded to Ripple’s fair notice defence. This is going to be a decision which can make or break the price of XRP. Not only that, this is going to impact the final verdict of the Ripple lawsuit.

We will also take a look at XRP price and the recent XRP price predictions based on various technical indicators and moving averages. The price of XRP has recently seen a downwards slope and if things continue the way they are, XRP price can drop further but a breakout above a key resistance level will put XRP price for a new major rally.

Also in other Ripple and XRP news, we take a look at the new SEC chairman Gary Gensler and how he is spearheading the fight against Ripple. This and more XRP news today!


Post Author: Kane Dane