Handheld AMD Gaming PC: AYA NEO Review & Benchmarks of a Switch Alternative

This handheld AMD gaming PC is the AYA NEO, and aims to compete with the GPD WIN3 and, to some extent, maybe the Nintendo Switch. It can do PC gaming on the go and we tested it.
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The AYA NEO is more interesting as a handheld PC than it is as a “portable console” or “Switch alternative,” although it could certainly be marketed as either. Our testing benchmarks the thermals, battery life (while gaming), charging time, framerate (FPS) of a few games, and the usability of the AYA NEO. It’s a heavy, somewhat awkwardly constructed device, but that’s the nature of a handheld PC. The question is whether it’s good enough to justify. The AYA NEO’s history is also extremely strange, as are some of its partnerships, and we’ll look at that backstory in this content as well. The most critical is user experience, navigation, and usability, so the team took turns with the device to really develop some opinions on how it handles.

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00:00 – Handheld AMD Gaming PC / Console
01:08 – Nintendo Switch & GPD Win3 vs. AYA Neo
03:30 – Specs & AMD CPU, GPU, RAM, & More
05:20 – Controls & Buttons
07:05 – “Overclocking,” Battery & Power States
09:15 – Fortnite Benchmarks on AYA NEO
09:50 – Rainbow Six Siege Benchmarks on AYA NEO
10:51 – Rocket League Benchmarks on 4500U
11:27 – Battery Life Benchmarks & Charging Time Test
13:45 – Thermal Benchmarks on AYA NEO
14:18 – Power & Frequency Tests
15:48 – Bizarre History of AYA NEO
18:11 – Even Odder History of AYA NEO
19:50 – Long-Term Goals of Competing with Nintendo
21:00 – User Experience Review of AYA NEO
26:00 – Conclusion

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Host, Test Lead: Steve Burke
Writing, Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman

Post Author: Kane Dane