Top 5 Kyber Crystal Fast Facts – Star Wars #Shorts

Top 5 Kyber Crystal Fast Facts – Star Wars #Shorts

Here are 5 awesome facts about Kyber Crystals
The colour of a Kyber Crystal is dependant on the bonding process with the force user but in ancient times certain colours were given to certain types of jedi.

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After a Kyber crystal has been bled red by the sith it can be repaired by the force which would make it become white

Different Kyber crystals are found on different planets; a Thontiin crystal for example had healing properties that can ease the pain of a user

If a crystal becomes cracked then it becomes unstable and would need extra vents in a lightsaber, this is the reason behind Kylo Ren’s balde in the sequel trilogy appearing as it does

The crystal within the darksaber could read the emotions of its wielder produced an electrical effect when heightened emotions were sensed.

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