Create a VRChat World in 10 minutes with NO skill – VRC World Tut. #13

Welcome to a new episode on building VRChat Worlds! So you have absolutely NO skills in modelling 3D worlds but still want to create your own VRChat world… In 10 minutes i create a VRChat world from start to end, easy as that and best of all… No Skillz Required!

Don’t forget to post me your works! I love to see what you guy’s come up with after seeing this.
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This serie of VRChat world building was initial made for people that wanted to learn more about world building on Patreon, as per 2021 i wanted to switch a few things around and open it for public but keep the downloadable files for Patreon only and hope to help even more people with this.
As the series progresses you will notice the difference in quality too, i know the first few vids are terrible, but hey! they get you started! Don’t judge me…

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Feel free to contact me whenever you need some help or just want me to check out the world you made by using my series! Or just to get a tour around in my worlds, want to support me making the tutorials then please consider selecting any tier on my Patreon.

With much love and good luck creating your own worlds!

—- Contents of this video —-
00:00 – Intro
00:30 – Introduction in setup
02:23 – Import model and fill gaps
04:18 – Fixing the textures
06:30 – Adding lights
08:40 – Adding seats
09:20 – Adding videoplayer
10:12 – Quick fixes within time limit
12:35 – Publish & Test the world
14:08 – Outro

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Please watch: “How to create VRChat worlds? Let me help you get started!”

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