๐Ÿ‘‰Banks on the Verge of a Crash Worse than 2008 As Mortgage Defaults Are Piling Up

Banks on the Verge of a Crash Worse than 2008 As Mortgage Defaults Are Piling Up — Total Economic Meltdown
The economy grew over 6% with the government giving away thousands of dollars per person.
What will happen when they are finished printing the money?

Big drop coming. Did you just think stocks will just rise in the short medium term especially after the ultra mega bubble we are in?
The market is speaking loud and clear. Sure the earnings are good NOW But this is as good as it gets. It’s all DOWNHILL from here!
If the Fed inflates assets 100% by devaluing the dollar, no wealth was generated. The purchasing power or value of the asset HAS NOT CHANGED. Capital gains taxes need to be derated for inflation otherwise its straight up theft by money system!!
The casino will remain open, as long as money flows in.
Fewer and fewer new buyers of bitconned .No one is buying at Lofty levels.
Tether can only do so much.

All that money they print has literally no effect on helping the economy because 99% of stimulus bill funds end up in the hands of the richest 1% and then parked.
Inflation is about to rip higher. Fuel costs will jump and Amazon will have to pay more to ship.

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