Cardano Africa Special – Mini Edition (2021)

Cardano Africa Special – Mini Edition (2021)

Blockchain comes of age.

This week we announced a historic deal with the government of Ethiopia to bring 5M young Africans to the #Cardano blockchain. Plus a deal to bring mobile connectivity and a financial identity to 100k people in Tanzania.

These are just the groundbreaking first steps in delivering on our wide-reaching strategy for #CardanoAfrica. Blockchain has come of age.

Here’s a summary of what we announced. Want a deeper dive into all we covered here? Check out to view the full 2.5-hour show, or use the highlight links below to navigate to each segment:

#CardanoAfrica: a vision for Africa with Charles Hoskinson

#CardanoAfrica: our partnership with Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education

#CardanoAfrica: World Mobile & Cardano – connecting the unconnected

#CardanoAfrica​: building an African community

#CardanoAfrica – the road ahead