DigiByte Update – #245 – Accident recap, Continuous Integration sorted, plus BADGES on GitHub!

Todays DigiByte update I did following a motorcycle accident where I was the victim of a hit and run. Decided to have a bit of fun with it because I was doing so many takes from the sofa where normally I’d just wing it in a single take.

I don’t like asking for any funds but a lot of people have reached out saying they wanted a way to support me, sooooo if you want to find out more about the accident and have a look at the gnarly damage caused to my Yamaha R6, along with a donation address, check out my Yat for the donation address:

This is the pull request for the updated Badges on the GitHub, I hope you like them, go chime in if you do / don’t in the GitHub comments:

We also have the Continuous Integration details here:
and here:

Post Author: Kane Dane