Largest north american crypto mining pool operator breaks down the industry [interview]

In today’s video I interview Nick Hansen, CEO of Luxor Technologies. . Luxor Technologies is the largest North American mining pool, with other 35,000 active miners across 10 different mining pools. Luxor’s mission is to build a range of solutions for scaling blockchain infrastructure.

0:00 Introduction
0:43 What is crypto mining and what is a mining pool?
4:56 How do mining pools make money?
7:17 What was your largest challenge in co-founding Luxor?
9:31 Where is the crypto mining industry heading?
13:30 How do mining operators attract and retain miners?
16:46 Is proof-of-work the future?
19:33 Is Bitcoin mining pool hash rate centralization (in China) a threat to Bitcoin?
22:46 Working at Luxor

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