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Subtitles added. I believe I found the solution to money. Or a solution to the next generation of money. This is my 100X idea. Nano Coin. Not just another crypto. Here is my nano price prediction.

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@siiipatron answer to block size:
Storage cost is really not issue given:
1. Nano isn’t monolithic blockchain (like legacy PoW chains) rather than every address has its own blockchain, so it is possible to “prune” each address in VARIOUS ways and at same time not violate chain structure. 3D chain, so it basically needs only last address state to function rather than whole address chain history. There is ongoing discussions on what “prune” approach would be most effective and here are some of proposed solutions which could be mixed together:
• Anyone running a node will be able to choose whether they switch on pruning or not
• The experimental pruning worked only for non-voting nodes anyway, but it’s being extended to voting nodes as well
• There will be no need to distinguish pruning of Change blocks versus Open, Send and Receive blocks
• We could imagine future hypothetical enhancements that don’t prune your own addresses or any that they’ve ever interacted with directly (hypothetical only)
• Pruned addresses can be pruned back to most recent month
• We could imagine future hypothetical enhancements that pruned to a user-configured data retention policy, e.g. 7 years for banking data for EU citizens
• Pruned addresses can be voted on just as securely as non-pruned addresses
• Add “support” for HDDs rather than SSDs. Even without pruning, if we say that less than 0.0000000001 Nano transactions that haven’t moved in say a year can be stored on HDDs rather than SSDs, then you can store literal billions of transactions on a $100 HDD (for example check Archive projection graph in point 2. lower)
• ANY system that needs to retain data needs disk space. Nano happens to have one of the smallest block sizes of all cryptocurrencies

2. Storage is getting cheaper. Check out storage cost projection given the amount of constant daily CPS (TPS * 2) and Moore’s law.…
Let’s say for example if we have 50 TPS from today until eternity, the storage cost to run a node wouldn’t increase to much more than $30/month. Ever. It means 4,320,000 transactions per day, and Nano can do that pretty comfortably, which is what PayPal (centralized) was only doing ~5 million transactions per day in 2011 with almost 100,000,000 users.

In future, Nano TPS can scale with better hardware and code optimizations, as it is focused to be pure cryptocurrency, and it is not theoretical it has been proven in previous releases

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