IA Live Crypto News: Bitcoin, Crash Recovery, FUD Tide, Goldman, Dalio and Coinbase

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Crypto Market IA Live Crypto News: Bitcoin, Crash Recovery, FUD Tide, Goldman, Dalio and Coinbase

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0:00 Billionaire Ray Dalio says he owns bitcoin, and its ‘greatest risk is its success’
Danger is “the more we create savings in [bitcoin], I rather BTC over bonds, then [governments] lose control of that.”
Good Old Ray – The FUD Tide Has Turned

1:00 Speaking of FUD Tide Turning
Elon Musk @elonmusk
Spoke with North American Bitcoin miners. They committed to publish current & planned renewable usage & to ask miners WW to do so. Potentially promising.

2:00 Truth Is Coming Out – CyberHornets Activated
Bitcoin emits less than 5% of the legacy financial sector’s carbon emissions.

A comprehensive calculation of the carbon emissions from the legacy financial sector shows that Bitcoin is far less impactful on the planet.

3:00 Speaking of Social
@ invest_answers (previously usfjx)
@ therealinvestanswers new!
facebook.com/investanswers new!

5:00 100x-200x Growth Coming to Crypto Raoul Pal
Charts are uncanny.
This one says $300K.

Charts are uncanny.
This one 2016-2018 says 480K.

100x-200x Growth Coming to Crypto Raoul Pal

7:00 Last Anon Message – Job Done!

8:00 Speaking of China
Great news for Bitcoin, last piece of FUD will be laid to Rest
ALso a boon to North American miners
Renewables and green BTC

9:00 More Want BTC Paychecks!

10:00 Here Comes the Wall of Money
McDermott Says Bitcoin Is Investable Asset
Goldman Sachs joins several other financial giants in offering Crypto JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, and BNY Mellon.

11:00 COINBASE Goldman Sachs analysts have sent out a buy signal for Coinbase’s stock, targeting a price of $306.
Coinbase experienced record trading volumes during last week’s crash.

12:00 Coinbase Short Term Target

13:00 Cathie Adding PLTR and TDOC – Ditching AAPL

14:00 INFLATION More than Half Think Everything is More Exp

Your fund $10.5M is ready to be paid to you. Note your fund can only be paid to you VIA a Bitcoin Wallet Address ID NO: Due to too much charges/fees been demanded by the banks!”
Swindlers Pretending to be Feds

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