Pakistan On The Verge Of Seeking Help From Bangladesh || 2021 || Pakistan Media On Bangladesh 2021 |

This video is published on 26 May, 2021

Pakistan On The Verge Of Seeking Help From Bangladesh || 2021 || Pakistan On Bangladesh 2021 |

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Abid Hassan said previous governments, including the current government of Pakistan, have traveled the world with ‘begging dishes’
Abid Hasan, a former adviser to the World Bank’s Pakistan program, praised Bangladesh’s current economic situation. He said that if the recent collapse of Pakistan’s economy continues and Bangladesh’s economy continues to grow at the same rate, Bangladesh may have to reach out to Pakistan for help in the years to come.In an article titled “Aid from Bangladesh”, Abid Hasan wrote, “20 years ago, it was unthinkable that by 2020, Bangladesh’s per capita GDP will double that of Pakistan.” If growth continues to grow in this way, Bangladesh will become an economic driving force in 2030. The article was published on Monday (May 24). There, the adviser added, “If Pakistan’s economic situation continues, the country has the potential to receive aid from Bangladesh by 2030.”

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