Top Alt Coin MemeCoin With Massive ROI | Utility & Token Burn 100x Gem

Looking for that next juicy altcoin memecoin?!?! How about one that has only been around for 33 days, has over 134k holders and a 1 billion dollar marketcap!?!?! They have been placed on NY Times Billboard in New York and have been shared throught the entire city! Los Angeles is coming next with their special summer kick off for mass adoption! You don’t want to miss out!

This meme alt coin has the potential to 100x with relative ease! Especially with their whitepaper promising utility, token burn, reward distribution and so much more! Not only that, but they have been listed on over 8 different exchanges now, GateIO just one major one added last night!

If you’re looking to buy this memecoin, look no further because Bitrue has it for everyone and with zero gas fees! Just use my link to download Bitrue and become an affiliate free to start earning commission as well! Bitrue has it all!

Now just back and learn about this amazing memecoin doing record breaking things in a short amount of time!


Don’t miss out on these awesome bonuses or free commissions attached to the free Bitrue Partnership Affiliate Program they got going on! The Special Bitrue Summer Event is phenomenal! More crypto, more crypto!

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The adoption and use of Bitrue is growing exponentially worldwide and you don’t want to miss out on this amazing exchange, their exchange token and all the hidden crypto defi gems they continue to add to their platform day in and out!

Not only adding amazing projects, but getting rid of all the old ones that aren’t doing anything or have any real use/value! THE PEOPLE AT BITRUE ARE ALWAYS DOING BIGGER & BETTER THINGS FOR ITS USERS OF THE BITRUE COMMUNITY!

Bitrue is offering a multitude of bonuses and incentives for users who participate in their Affiliate Summer Special Event.

Users are offered a chance to earn $100,000 in prizes from April. 9, 2021 to July. 9, 2021! Certain users can earn up to 50% commissions if they have $10,000 worth of crypto or more on their own Bitrue Account!

Bitrue gives three additional ways to earn bonuses/incentives by using these 3 distinguishing categories that can help boost your income!

1. Social Butterfly: Receive bonuses based on the number of new users who sign up using your referral link.

2. VIP Finder: Receive bonuses based on the amount of commission that your referees generate for you.

3. Loyal Fans: Receive bonuses based on the average BTR holdings of your referees.

The better you perform in each of these three categories, the higher your overall bonus will be. In addition, if you can score in the top 20 of any of the three categories you can get additional bonuses!

As Bitrue has wished you all the best of luck, so do I! Start inviting now! The more people you invite, THE MORE OPPORTUNITIES YOU TO EARN!

Remember to do your own research and know that I am not a financial advisor! 😊

More videos coming to yal soon!

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STEP 1: Bitrue partners generate exclusive invite links and send to friends

STEP 2: Invited users register using unique links

STEP 3: Any transaction conducted by that user will result in 25% of the trading fee being added to partner’s account. For those with a balance of at least $10,000 in various crypto, the commission rate will be 50%!

By becoming a partner with Bitrue, you are given an exclusive referral link to invite people to earn with you and become a Bitrue partner as well. CLICK MY EXCLUSIVE LINK BELOW! Don’t forget my referral code LQVEVW!

A sign up of Bitrue is required and ID verification. The process doesn’t take long!

I am not a financial advisor! PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! This is the opinion of one person and the video is intended for informational use and not financial advice!

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