When Will Ripple Lawsuit End! What Happens To XRP If Ripple Wins!

One of the most asked questions that I see is when is the Ripple lawsuit going to end and what exactly will happen to XRP price if Ripple wins? These two very important questions will be answered in today’s video, especially focusing on the price of XRP as well as the current publicly available information.

From what we have been hearing so far during the discovery between Ripple and the SEC, it seems that the end of this Ripple lawsuit is much nearer than expected. Initially we were expecting a final verdict will be given somewhere in October but recent findings have shown a summary judgment will happen somewhere in August. This does not include the talks of the Ripple settlement. Which can put an end to the lawsuit even in the next 30 days.

So the next question is what exactly will happen to XRP, especially related to the XRP price prediction after this lawsuit ends. A lot of factors come into play. The most important are Ripple winning the lawsuit and positive sentiment around XRP. Also, future plans of Ripple related to IPO and CBDCs. This and more XRP news today!


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