Canon eos R3 is coming soon, new details available

Nokishita have provided us with new photos of the coming R3, and they reveal new details of what canon will bring to the Olympics, yes you heard correctly, Canon plan to have the R3 represent them at the Olympics, so that gives us a timeframe to expect Beta units to be in the hands of professionals and hopefully we will see the results.

Currently the games are planned for the first events to take place on July 21st this year and the opening ceremony will take place on the 23rd, yes, some games actually take place before the opening ceremony, to ensure all rounds are completed in time.

These dates are not far away so we can expect to see more details of the R3 becoming available in the run up to those events

As for now, the new pictures reveal more than we have officially been told.
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Intro 0:00
R3 at the Olympics 0:36
What New Photos reveal 1:23
New Details on Eye control 2:50
a look at the control buttons 4:19
Beta testing 5:12
Channel update and next video 5:44
Outro 7:07

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