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Crypto Market Update – tons of news today re the upcoming weekend, also some new price predictions for BTC ETH DOT LINK ADA Zilliqa Elrond and DIA and so much more.

0:00 Intro
0:10 DISCLAIMER The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

0:35 Many Worried About Holiday Weekend
A report on CoinTelegraph speculated that bitcoin still could skid to $20,000 or below. The asset was most recently changing hands at $36,199, down over 7%, on CoinDesk. Bitcoin is up 24% year-to-date, but off 44% from its mid-April peak at $64,829.14.

1:30 JPM recently Lowered BTC from $146,000 to $130,000, citing the dip in gold
They will tell you that is bad and not to buy so they can BUY and offer you products when BTC is above $200k
JP Morgan – Don’t Buy It!

2:00 Scott also cares about your welfare!!!
Guggenheim – Don’t Buy it!
In the long term, however, the CIO has predicted that the price of bitcoin could reach $600K. “If you consider the supply of bitcoin relative, let’s say, to the supply of gold in the world … You’ll be talking about $400K to $600K per bitcoin,” he said in February. “That’s an indication of what might be a fair value. That gives you a lot of room to run.” He ultimately sees bitcoin and ether as “winners” in the cryptocurrency market.

3:00 102M
83 HNW Investors
Fidelity’s $100-million index fund is one of the largest of its kind
Comp includes Galaxy, NYDIG and Pantera
Applied for ETF
Here Comes More Big $

4:00 OPTIONS: Big Bets on $100K BTC
Over 8,000 calls with a notional value of $305 at 100K
$400,000 strike also

6:00 Van de Poppe New Bold Price Predictions
BTC $350k – $450K
ETH $10,000 – $17k
DOT $250 – $350
LINK $250 – $350
ADA $10 – $20
Zilliqa $5 – $7
Elrond $500 – $750
DIA $50 – $75

8:00 Van de Poppe New Bold Price Predictions analyzed

9:00 The New Cold War? Bitcoin Mining USA vs Russia

10:30 No End In Sight to Monetary Expansion
With all of this, bitcoin is set to gain. Although it cannot be explicitly stated, the previous stimuli have often been seen as drivers of the bitcoin price bull run.

11:30 Speaking of Joe
Biden Environmental Concerns

12:30 Cathie Not Happy
It was precipitated by the ESG [environmental, social and governance] movement and this notion, which was exacerbated by Elon Musk, that there are some real environmental problems with the mining of bitcoin. A lot of institutional buying went on pause,

13:30 PSA: Be Careful of Crypto Addiction
According to experts, cryptocurrency trading addicts show the same kind of behavioral addictions as problem gamblers.
There are no figures for the number of people addicted to cryptocurrency trading but Tony Marini, the lead counselor at the cryptocurrency addiction clinic at Castle Craig Hospital in Peebles, said they are seeing more and more people in Scotland.
“This is the crack cocaine of gambling because it is so fast,” he said. “It’s 24/7. It’s on your phone, your laptop, it’s in your bedroom.”

14:30 Crackdown on gangsters not drugs but mining Bitcoin
The New Gangsters: MINING not Growing Weed. The mine was stealing thousands of

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