2021-05-30 | BCC雙語社區教會 | Disciples Services English


※ 主日資訊 ▶https://linktr.ee/churchbcc

※ 關於我們 ※
✞【Youtube 頻道】▶https://youtube.com/bcckhh

※ 轉帳&匯款奉獻方式/Transfers and offerings ※
✞ 請您轉帳或匯款後 email 至教會信箱告知您的 姓名、金額及奉獻編號,我們確認後會再回覆確認信件給您~
✞ Thank you for your gift to BCC! After you have wired your gift to the church, please send us an email with your full name, gift amount and offering number*. Once we have received your gift, we will send you a confirmation email. (*If you do not have an offering number, the church can give you one)
【信箱Email】▶[email protected]
【銀行 Bank】▶玉山銀行-北高雄分行 808
【帳號AC No】▶0347-940-000-883

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