HOW TO MINE XMR MONERO FOR FREE! (Using a VPS, without power consumption costs)

Mine Monero for free
Learn how to set up unlimited servers mining XMR for you 24/7

Usefull links and commands:

DigitalOcean link 👉🏻

To log into your VPS 👉🏻 ssh [email protected] (and paste your Droplet’s address without leaving space after the @)

How to create a monero wallet 👉🏻

Command to set up the miner 👉🏻
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade && apt install npm && git clone && cd monerominer && npm i && sudo npm install pm2 -g && cd minerfiles && sed -i ‘s/walletaddress/YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS/g’ config.json && cd .. && pm2 start server.json && node exit.js

( ☝🏻 Remember to replace YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS with your actual monero wallet address)

Mine XMR Dashboard link 👉🏻


Make sure to delete your droplet before the $100 credit is consumed. This way nothing will be charged to your credit card.

😉 You can delete your DigitalOcean account after you have been mining for some time and create a new one again with the same email. This way you can get again the $100 usd free credit and repeat the process 🙌🏻

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