My Thoughts On Ripple & XRP

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The future of the crypto industry is partially riding on what’s happening to a relatively small project that you may or may not have heard of by the name of Ripple. Currently the project is worth 43 billion dollars, a finite supply of 100 billion coins with each coin currently worth around 94 cents at the time of making this video – the peak this year was around $4 which is pretty crazy.


I own 3,680 XRP tokens that I bought in 2017, the price has nearly tripled since then.

What is XRP?

XRP has consistently been in the top 10 coins since it launched in 2012 and since the beginning of time it’s been compared to Bitcoin as a currency. Each XRP transaction takes anywhere between 3 to 5 seconds to settle – that’s in comparison to Bitcoin’s roughly 10 minutes, each transaction costs .0002 or 2 ten thousandths of a penny so it’s almost free to use unlike Bitcoin which can cost upwards of $50 sometimes per transaction, it can scale up to 1,500 transactions per second in comparison to Bitcoin which currently does 3. And on top of all that, it’s environmentally friendly.


It’s not like Bitcoin or Ethereum. The closest comparison is a technology called SWIFT which is used for banks to transfer money. Swift handles something like $6 trillion dollars a day and you can think of it like iMessage for banks – which uses code that contains details about where a payment might be coming from, how much it’s for and where it’s going. In 2018 alone, half of all the high value transactions that were made were made with Swift.The legacy banking system is slow, clunky, and expensive. Ripple is trying to change that with their technology.


There has always been a gray area from our government to figure out how to classify crypto whether cryptos are securities or if they are commodities. The SEC has accused Ripple of creating an unregistered security. Here is the difference between securities and commodities using the “Howey Test” which helps us figure that out by asking 4 simple things.

1. Is it an investment of money?
2. Is it in a common enterprise?
3. Does it come with the expectation of profit?
4. And does this profit come from the effort of other people.

If yes, then it’s considered a security. Securities are regulated much more strictly than commodities by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). If XRP gets classified as a security, the crypto markets would substantially fall because this would affect a lot of the speculative investments people are making today.


It doesn’t. It was created to provide liquidity to the banks to use a standardized currency without the worry of foreign exchange rates. The currency does not depend on the technology that Ripple has created. In other words, you can use any currency (crypto or otherwise) and still use their tech.


I would not. This is because XRP is a “pseudo crypto”. Even though it has the hallmark pillars of decentralizations like nodes, users, businesses, and developers – it lacks miners. The consensus model of XRP is based purely on what Ripple wants it to be which is why they approve the UNL (unique node list). In my personal opinion, Ripple is centralized.

I believe Ripple’s XRP had the intention of becoming more. Since it never found widespread adoption from central banks, XRP became a funding mechanism for Ripple’s (the company) projects. This means the XRP token could go to $0 and Ripple Labs could still go public and thrive with an incredible technology that was funded from the greed of speculative investors.

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