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We have seen the crypto market drop lower almost 50% because of negative news on bitcoin and the media mad house surrounding crypto right now. But was this the bottom? Or will we see a secondary low before a solid place to buy the dip? Using technical analysis and market analytics I have come up with potential zones we could see the crypto market dip to in the event we see a second move down. I will explain my reason for believing we are still mid cycle, why we will likely see new highs relatively soon, and talk about my technical plan to buy a secondary dip down.

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Video Chapters:
0:00​ – Intro
1:22 – Previous Market Cycles
4:27 – BTC Technical Analysis
8:31 – On Chain Analysis Of BTC
10:17 – ETH Technical Analysis
13:00 – BTC Price Dip/Future Prediction
13:15 – Conclusion

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