Is XRP Price On The Verge Of BREAKOUT? XRP News, Price & More!

Today we are looking at one of the most important questions and that too is related to the price of XRP. In fact the majority of you watching this video want to know what exactly holds for XRP price in the future. That is why I will be looking at some critical news, information and suggest whether we are on the verge of a breakout for XRP price.

Today’s video contains news related to XRP price prediction, especially focusing on what is going to happen to Ripple and XRP after this lawsuit is over. This lawsuit which has shackled XRP is going to end in the next couple of months. After that Ripple is expected to IPO and once that happens the selling pressure on XRP is removed. Thus increasing its price.

We focus on XRP price prediction by looking at the human sentiment and all news related to XRP. Such as lawsuit end date, Ripple going public and more. This and more XRP news today!



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