My 800MH/s Mining Farm Tour (Ethereum)

Thanks for clicking on my video! In this one I take you on a tour of my 800MH/s Ethereum mining farm! I currently have 2 big mining rigs and one small test bench. Together they are getting more than 800 megahash per second when mining Ethereum. The mining first rig has 13x 1660 Super graphics cards and that is getting around 419 mh/s, and the second one is a mix of 1060 6gb, 1070, 1080, 1080 ti as well as a 1660 and a 1660 ti GPUs. That mixed rig gets around 374 mh/s. For my mining rigs I’m using a ASRock H110 BTC+ motherboard and a ASUS gaming motherboard that I’ve extended using various adapters to be able to plug 12 GPUs into it. In total my mining farm currently has 26 GPUs and consumes around 2500W of power. After going through my mining rigs in the video I also talk about what my future plans for expansion is. I would love to be able to build out another 3 13x 1660 super rigs, to have a total of 4 rigs with 13x 1660 Supers in each rig, and take all of my 10-series graphics cards and put in a 9 GPU hodge-podge rig. I would then love to slowly over time replace each 1660 Super with something like a 3060ti, and once I’ve done that to all 52 1660 Supers, start replacing each RTX 3060 Ti with a Nvidia 3080, or maybe something even better that will exist then. Who knows!

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