ARAGON LABS ($ANT), Understanding DAOs, LLCs vs. DAOs, The Rise of DAOs, Aragon Crypto, ANT Token

Aragon Labs joins the Layer One Podcast to discuss understanding DAOs, how NFTs and DeFi improve DAOs, how LLCs might be DAOs in the future, his work at Vocdoni and the Aragon project, and much more!



0:00 Start
1:10 Joan’s Origin Story
4:19 Understanding DAOs
8:33 Competing with Governments
10:45 DAOs vs LLCs
12:20 Why haven’t DAOs been adopted?
15:15 NFTs and DAOs
16:41 How to Create a DAO
22:19 Token-Weighted Voting vs. Delegators
27:34 Vocdoni and Aragon Merger
33:54 Launching MVP
38:10 Traditional Organizations using DAOs
46:55 Aragon Labs Work
50:25 Aragon Competing with Native Crypto Companies
56:00 Multi-Chain Voting
1:00:51 Productivity in Remote Companies

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