🎇I teach how to trade and navigate the trading field in leverage trades. If interested in becoming a student go over to the website and get signed up strait away! See the information below!

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🎇You can expect to learn the following from completing my course!
🧩1. How to mark up your charts. Supports, Resistances.
🧩2. See current trends.
🧩3. Notify Patterns on the fly.
🧩4. Supports, Resistances.
🧩5. How to read and understand the candles.
🧩6. Many Indicators.
🧩7. Navigate various exchanges.
🧩8. Patterns within patterns.
🧩9. Indications into patterns.
🧩10. Advanced patterns.
🧩11. Cycles.
🧩12. Logarithmic curve zones.
🧩13. How and when to take profits.
🧩14. Calculation of win ratio.
🧩15. How to do leverage trades.
🧩16. Fibonacci Retracements.
🧩17. Bullish/Bearish Divergence.
🧩18. Financial Freedom.

🎇Payment Options: (Be sure to inbox us with your transaction ID!)
💊ETH- 0x722e2066aF9134B9A0a147eafFCf544EE5e42b90
💊LTC- LY1KoAjqRj3TJeoa6ZRxWNwxG5idDWw48N
💊BNB- bnb1dmjgpyrty2rehms4hgsxt8nyqa2r0lnpf7eyd4
💊USDT- 0x722e2066aF9134B9A0a147eafFCf544EE5e42b90
💊LINK- 0x722e2066aF9134B9A0a147eafFCf544EE5e42b90
💊XRP- rhmw8NZTi1GFeEA4eVTQfi22DCXrcQHeFs
💊DOGE- DBcpevvkYPdNgrpKCzvrsV8XZk2eCW1Ubj

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🎇Social: (Follow me! I give pertinent information on each platform!)

🎇Other Links:

⭕Email: [email protected]
⭕Email Responder: Mitch w/Crypto Matrix
⭕Email Subject Example: (Red Pill, James) $7500 in ETH for 25 hours.)
⭕Website: The website is now live! Go over to and get signed up for class!
⭕Payment Confirmation: Screenshot of payment and transaction ID. YouTube name. Or send confirmation on the website in the payment confirmation tab. If you pay on the website you get your personal ZION key with purchase! After your first booking we can book you throughout your set!
⭕Requirements: Webcam, Microphone, Internet, Notebook. Homework Completion.
⭕Fee’s: Please send over the allotted amount to account for fees. For instance, if sending payment for 5 hours. Send $1520 so we receive $1500. Account for fees and fluctuation and time to receive! If sending for full 25 hours, send $7600.

🎇Once payment is received you will receive a onboarding email with further instructions!

❗With the massive influx of students. I do ask you all to be patient! We will respond as quickly as Possible! (Please allow 48 hours for response.) Congratulations on taking the first steps towards your financial freedom! You are about to make the hardest step! Reaching out! See you in ZION!

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