IOTAWeekly 004: IOTA Floodgates are opening: Is IOTA about to lift off?

This video is all about the latest news around IOTA, this week with a special focus on projects using IOTA and how the token will increase in value. Enjoy!

00:00 Intro
00:48 Ledger migration Firefly
02:31 Smart Energy
05: Raspyhive
08:00 Trademark EastAfrica
09:25 tangleswap DECX
11:04 certangle
12:31 Zignar + Lethbridge water quality
13:59 RUhacking Hackathon safecred
16:07 IOTA in Blick Tageszeitung
18:25 price and value moneyfesto
24:00 Interview Alvarium Dell
29:23 Dom AMA

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