Tezos: First Hackathon with $75,000 in Prizes!-tezos-tezos price prediction-tezos price

Tezos: First Hackathon with $75,000 in Prizes!-tezos-tezos price prediction-tezos price

Tezos, an energy-efficient Proof of Stake blockchain with on-chain governance, has been incorporated into Gitcoin, community-building digital public goods, enabling financial independence, and shaping the future of the open web. The Gitcoin integration will begin rewards on the platform for development projects that support the Tezos ecosystem, including infrastructure, tools, and apps.
The inclusion of Tezos into the Gitcoin platform opens up new possibilities for the open-source Gitcoin community to build on one of the first and longest-running Proofs of Stake blockchains. Starting July 23, Gitcoin will hold the NFT Me, You Can DAO It hackathon, with a total prize pool of $75,000 in tez (XTZ) split among ten winning proposals.
The NFT Me, You Can DAO It hackathon will be the first of eight Tezos hackathons that will take place on Gitcoin over the following two years, with a variety of prizes up for grabs. The hackathon will be a month-long virtual event that will encourage brilliant innovators and open-source builders to contribute to the expansion of Tezos’ NFT and DAO ecosystems.
Gitcoin is the premier open source community for launching and growing Web3 applications. Gitcoin now has over 300,000 monthly active developers working on almost 2,000 projects. Gitcoin is on a mission to create an open-source, collaborative, and economically empowered internet and has invested almost $25 million in open source initiatives. The Gitcoin community is dedicated to building a Web3 community and infrastructure through tools, technologies, and networks that allow anyone to contribute to the open internet.
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