EIP 1559, Celer Network, Axie Infinity, Cardano Alonzo White, + more! // Crypto Over Coffee ep.74

EIP 1559, Celer Network, Axie Infinity, Cardano Alonzo White, + more! // Crypto Over Coffee ep.74

In this episode of Crypto Over Coffee, Hashoshi breaks down the latest news on EIP 1559 and ETH 2.0, as well as Celer Network, Axie Infinity, Cardano Alonzo White, crypto market updates and more!

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⏰ // Timestamps // ⏰


0:00 Welcome!

1:06 Q1: What’s the best place to learn blockchain development?

3:11 Q2: Interoperability, why does it matter?

5:05 Q3: Will layer 2’s matter after ETH 2.0?


7:08 WEEKLY SCAMMER ALERT! AND the Keystone giveaway ?


10:20 Ethereum EIP1559, London Hard Fork, and ETH 2.0

12:20 LEDN lets you take low interest loans against your BTC! (sponsor)

13:35 Celer Network (CELR) is a powerful layer 2 you should learn about

15:46 ?? FACT OR FUD: Grayscale Capital GBTC unlock BTC crash?

17:48 Cardano smart contracts: Cardano Alonzo white update

19:33 ⁉️ 404 Logic Not Found – Big fundraising leads to success

23:17 Why Axie Infinity (AXS crypto) is bullish in a bearish market

25:18 NEXT UP: ⏭ Top 3 VPN Picks!


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