The Bitcoin Cash Podcast #23: Investing & Entrepreneurialism feat. Marc de Mesel

This week on the Bitcoin Cash Podcast I am joined by Marc de Mesel, Bitcoin Cash entrepreneur, investor in / and lots more in the BCH ecosystem for a monster discussion about the early years of cryptocurrency, investing, John McAfee and more.

I am experimenting with content monetisation (an area I think BCH can excel in) releasing the content for early viewers on a paid basis (1.6mBCH) using and then making it publicly available a week later. Very open to feedback and listener commentary on this strategy.

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Full slides and resources:

0:00 Episode start
1:10 Marc’s intro
2:32 Children and crypto
5:10 Very early crypto OGs
8:00 Media on crypto
9:26 Buying Bitcoin in 2013
13:14 Price
15:12 Meme of the week & Investing
18:50 Investing in real estate
22:05 Investing in crypto
26:15 Impulse control
28:35 Transactions
30:50 Adoption strategy
36:16 BCH valuation & Adoption
40:00 &
43:51 International adoption
46:32 Sent in USD
51:35 Chinese hash rate
55:10 Governments & Freedom
1:03:22 Crypto market cycle
1:17:45 John McAfee
1:28:27 Haisam Rida
1:29:27 John McAfee part II
1:37:55 Bull vs bear market
1:42:11 Starting a new coin
1:48:34 Ethereum community
1:54:58 Bitcoin Cash city sign
1:56:23 South African BCH Telegram group
1:57:04 eCash
2:02:25 Vitalik on crypto
2:06:50 Liquidity in cryptos
2:12:44 Coding and investing
2:15:23 Network effect of users
2:19:28 Investing in an ecosystem
2:25:57 ETH vs BCH
2:32:50 Message to the community
2:35:50 Shoutouts and closing thoughts
2:39:41 Final question





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