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There are also rumors that we may be able to see him as a DOGE leading developer sometime in the future. Well, if it happens, the DOGE price will skyrocket. Because Billy Markus is the creator of DOGE and he knows more about the Coin and community than anyone else. In the last few years, people spread a lot of fud against Billy Markus by saying he has no interest in DOGE! He sold out all his DOGE! Probably he is engaging in other coins! He is thinking about creating another coin!


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While Billy Markus always remains polite and always tries to convince people that DOGE is his first priority. Not only this, but he also tried to spread awareness about the difference between Coin and Token. In the recent few months after the success of DOGE, we saw that a lot of new Meme coins come into existence, and the most significant difference between the DOGE and those Tokens is that everyone without any programming knowledge in a few minutes can create tokens as much as they want.

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