Electroneum | Digital Pound Foundation | Greyscale unlock

The latest Electroneum news is teetering on the edge of awesome … because it’s not fully confirmed what the plans are yet. But watch this Electroneum update as I explain what we can see in front of us and what’s going on in the crypto space. If you are big on XRP and Ripple, QNT quant, you may want to stay tuned too. Bitcoin is about to have some major shifts due to the greyscale unlock of 40,000 BTC, what will this mean for Electroneum price?

Everything points to a strong summer for Electroneum including the upcoming greyscale unlock which can be good in both directions for ETN if BTC drops or goes up…Electroneum ETN seems to move against BTC but also with the runs.

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Video Chapters ( Skip the fluff I don’t mind *Cries )

00:00 Electroneum – Digital pound foundation
00:35 Electroneum price update
02:26 What is Greyscale?
04:42 Greyscale unlock
12:50 Electroneum news Digital pound foundation
13:40 Digital pound foundation, ripple, QNT
15:55 What is digital pound?
16:30 CBDC – Central bank digital currency
18:09 Electroneum and the digital pound
18:52 What are your views on the digital pound foundation?
19:55 Thanks for watching!

So are Electroneum, Ripple Labs, and Quant Network working together for a digital GBP? That I will not confirm but it certainly looks that way and I am sure you are just as excited as me if this is the case.

It is having a positive effect on the Electroneum price, ETN price but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet, of course it is definitely a good time to buy Electroneum as we see there is certainly something big brewing.

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