What is Binance coin [Binance coin Explained in 2 MIN] 🔥 BNB for Beginners

What is the Binance Coin? Two min video to tech you BNB for Beginners!
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Binance coin explained!
What is the Binance Coin? It is the native token of the Binance exchange. The Binance exchange is the biggest one in the world and it limited the Binance coins to 200 million which pushed the price of the coin to unbelievable levels.

What is Binance coin with simple words:
► It is the coin of the Binance exchange
► A must if you wish to buy brand-new tokens from PanCacke Swap
► It gives the Binance users some discounted rates

BNB for beginners is a suitable coin for investment. It is already in the top 10 coins according to the market cap. This gives the beginners the confidence to buy it.

However, keep in mind that even you understand what is Binance coin is, you need to pay attention to the price action and the levels where you might be too late getting some BNB coins.

If you are a client of Binance, you can take advantage of many features like:
►Grid and Margin Trading
►Staking BNB and other coins
►Crypto Loans
►Visa Card to get cashback

What is Binance coin for the Angel investors? It is the asset that made them rich. Millions were given at a price below $1, and by the time of recording this Binance coin Explained in the 2 MIN video, the price sits above $350.

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