Theta Token Hypergrowth is Coming?! Whales & Plebs are BUYING!! Miners are Accumulating! This is it?

Theta Token Hypergrowth is Coming?! Whales & Plebs are BUYING!! Miners are Accumulating! This is it?

Theta token hypergrowth didn’t even start! Only in the last year, we’ve seen how young this project still is! And how much more we have to gain eventually from this project! The reason for that is that just recently that started to launch its main features and technology that will allow it to reach global adoption.

The tnt-20 blockchain allows developers to seamlessly move from eth to the theta blockchain and also moving their whole project onto their ecosystem.

We’ve seen superstars like Katy Perry which is one of many planning to drop her NFTs on the drop.

We are seeing game-changing patents that are coming in on a monthly basis, solving major problems like Digital rights management for NFTs and DDoS attacks prevention.

And with the current price we are seeing right now, there is a true bargain price to make significant ROI looking long term.

This is fueled by the facts Bitcoin is being accumulated by retail investors and whales, and also the fact that miners are starting to accumulate bitcoin instead of selling it as a result of easier mining and low prices.

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00:00 Expand your vision
02:24 Theta Hypergrowth is inevitable
06:25 Plebs and Whales are BUYING Bitcoin!
10:43 Miners are accumulating Bitcoin!
12:52 Final thoughts

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