🔴 ShapeShift Decentalizes with Airdrop | This Week in Crypto – Jul 19, 2021

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0:21 ShapeShift Decentralizes with FOX Airdrop – https://bit.ly/3z2LDjs
0:44 FBI Warns Americans about Crypto – https://bit.ly/36L7YWE
1:02 Square Builds New DeFi Business Focusing on Bitcoin – https://bit.ly/3wSXCP0
1:22 Binance Stops Stock Token Sales – https://bit.ly/3hMha3a
1:42 PayPal Lifts Crypto Purchase Limit – https://bit.ly/2VX4U7G
2:04 Fidelity Digital to Expand Crypto Staff by 70% – https://bloom.bg/3xVbs4Y
2:26 Ukraine Seized PS4 Consoles from Illegal BTC Mining Farm – https://bit.ly/3z9Llal
2:46 U.K. Shuts Down Bitcoin Money Laundering Scheme – https://cnb.cx/3eurZEY

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