The Truth of & How to upgrade account – Updated 16 MAR 2021

Update my withdrawal on the 16 MAR 2021 with more information about ltcminer program.

Status: waiting 30 days + AND I need to upgrade to level 1.3 in order to receive instant payout. Based on my account.

Additional information: The administrator deducted the maximum withdraw from 4 to 3 times per day. The information is based on my account. The other users might have other amounts.
Join here:

You are allowed to have 1 free account. The other accounts need to be upgraded in order to request withdrawal.
Sometimes you might face that the system is forcing you to upgrade account. In this case you have 2 options, to continue upgrading your account or leave it. The price of upgrading will be changing from time to time. Please note that you can also upgrade to account level 1.1. No need to upgrade to level 1.4. If you upgrade to level 4 that would be perfect. You just have to follow the ltcminer’s rules in order to be safe in this website.

1. Register your account by using your LTC address.
2. Register your e-mail address.
3. Upgrade your account to level 1.1-4 any of them. you must use your registration wallet to upgrade account only. Do not use other wallet for upgrade transaction.
4. Refer to your friends and followers to join this program, if you want to earn from affiliate program.

***Please note that: 1 user 1 account 1 device only.***
**When you transfer ltc to upgrade your account, make sure the receiver will receive an exact amount of the level price. Be in mind that there is a transaction fee for every single time.***

If you have any question, feel free to leave your comments below. I will try to answer all your questions when I have time.

Please be responsible to your investment we do not know when the website stop paying. I am saying this because it’s possible to happen, just like other websites. I do not guarantee anything here.

Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe my channel and Good luck.
If you do not have a wallet
Coinbase wallet is one of the best options
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