DigiByte Update – #254- New branding submission, infinite supply update

DigiByte Update – #254- New branding submission, infinite supply update

We’ve had a submission from Spiral for a new branding for DigiByte (to be “digibyte”) to coincide with the release of Core wallet. This, as always, is going to be put through the contribution guidelines and once Barry has implemented it in to the Core wallet, and made a pull request for it, the community can have their say about it and decide a big yes or no.

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Update on the infinite supply bug:

00:00 Intro
00:18 Reasoning for branding submission
02:06 Having your say on it
02:48 Looking at ‘digibyte’
03:00 digibyte buttons
03:33 Looking at proposed brand guidelines
04:03 If you like digibyte in blue
04:33 Reiterating it’s not final
05:09 digibyte accepted here
05:59 Open-source typeface
06:38 Theres two logos already / brand dilution
07:13 Jo gets snarky
07:29 CryptoBantam support
07:46 Jo goes on a rant about permissionless…
08:08 Why the V8 launch should be special
08:46 What GPU + CPU mining offers us
10:00 Infinite supply fix update
10:14 Please ask Jared where 21bn code cap is
10:30 Shout outs for jnschalk
10:55 Why Jo has been mad lately
11:35 jnschalk work on fixing supply curve smoothing
11:45 Shout-outs to Gary (not Barry)
12:11 Successful tick for supply cap fix
13:04 Outro & final explanation of submission

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