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00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:37 Getting Sued By Scammers
00:01:19 10K Price Prediction
00:02:40 Getting Liquidated In 2017, Then Getting Rich
00:03:49 Learning About HEX and Pulse
00:04:34 Bitcoin Has 2 Functions (Mine and Send)
00:04:48 Proof of Waste (Inflation Bugs)
00:06:02 Rewarding Stakers, Not Miners (Proof of Wait)
00:06:36 The Truth About Where CD Yield Comes From (Inflation)
00:07:28 Virtual Lending
00:08:24 People Still Think Bitcoin Is A Scam (HEX)
00:09:08 RH Was 11 Years Ahead of Michael Saylor
00:10:06 Bitcoin Is A Gateway Drug
00:10:49 Confusing Price and Value (Proof of Work)
00:11:25 Listing PoW Inflation Bugs
00:12:09 Audits and Modularity Are More Important Than Hash Rate
00:13:15 HEX Was Designed To Do 10,000X in 2.5 Years
00:13:37 HEX ROI Similar To ETH and BTC (Normal)
00:14:26 HEX Started From Nothing
00:14:41 How Much A 1 BTC Free Claim Would Be Worth Today ($4K or 0.1 BTC)
00:17:11 Proves HEX Has Significant Liquidity
00:17:45 AMMs Determine Price / Market Depth
00:20:12 Using Limit Orders To Get No Slippage ( )
00:20:37 Unprecedented Demand For Pulse (Billionaires Buying)
00:21:40 HEX Keeps Doubling! (11 Times)
00:22:14 HEX Price Getting Murdered Then Bought Right Back Up
00:23:01 Best Time To Buy BTC Historically (Low Liquidity and Volume / Centralized Ownership)
00:23:45 Network Decentralization VS Economic Decentralization
00:24:16 Founders Don’t Kill Their Own Project
00:24:36 When Rug Pull? How About When Magic Carpet Ride?
00:25:09 Power Hobbyist
00:25:29 HEX Haters / Price
00:26:03 The Truth About Where Stock Appreciation Comes From (Speculation)
00:27:37 Our Fake Money Is Better Than The Government’s
00:28:41 Pulse Origins / Improvements Over Ethereum
00:30:04 Pulse Is An Ethereum Fork / Brings System State
00:31:17 The Sacrifice
00:31:54 Time and Volume Multipliers
00:32:37 /
00:32:47 Sacrificing Through
00:33:28 SENS Will Benefit YOU
00:33:51 HEX is Wholesome
00:34:06 Multimillionaire
00:34:54 HEX / Pulse / PRC20s Taking Over Crypto
00:35:26 Sacrificed Coins Don’t Get Burned
00:35:34 Sacrifice Totals
00:36:55 ERC20s (Besides HEX) Are Being Dumped For Stablecoins
00:37:50 NO EXPECTATIONS For Sacrificed Coins!
00:38:58 No Preferential Treatment For HEX Holders
00:39:14 Forking Ethereum
00:39:54 HEXicans Getting Rich Off Airdrops (1INCH / TORN / UNI / FOX)
00:40:33 How The Time and Volume Multipliers Affect Sacrifice Points
00:42:08 Pulse VS eHEX VS pHEX Value Propositions (33% Liquid HEX / 66% Sacrifice)
00:45:20 Stop Trading!
00:45:54 RH Calling The Top Again!
00:46:38 No Crypto Founders Have Gone To Jail
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