Ripple/XRP THE CASE FOR A $100-$1,000 XRP Someday | Possible But Likely??? WATCH ALL

0:37 Largest IT Firm In World Integrates RippleNet
4:20 CGI (Designed SWIFT Network in 1973 that processes over $5 TRILLION PER DAY) Integrates RippleNet
5:04 CGI Stats for Global FX Settlement Volume
8:13 The Ripple Payment Stack (XRP is the Foundation)
9:39 Standardization (IoV, IoG, IoI, IoT)
12:18 Solving a Multi-Trillion Dollar Problem
13:11 Number One Banking Software Integrates XRP (Why?)
13:55 Largest EU Network Provider Integrates XRP (Why?)
16:54 X-Border Monopoly & Roadmap
18:57 Thread
20:49 DTCC $2 Quadrillion (Former CEO Becomes Ripple Advisor)
23:52 Project ION 😉

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