Is this Top 20 Blockchain a Crypto Hidden Gem?! KardiaChain Review

Is this Top 20 Blockchain a Crypto Hidden Gem?! KardiaChain Review

KardiaChain has their own blockchain, and claims to be a top 20 blockchain at that offering their own krc20 tokens similar to Ethereum and ETH erc20 tokens. Let’s review KardiaChain and their KAI token along with their DeFi products! Subscribe to VoskCoin –

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What’s interesting about KardiaChain is the fact that they have moved from being an erc-20 token or basically an Ethereum token on the Ethereum blockchain to launching their own blockchain the Kardia blockchain powered by their KAI tokens or coins. Cryptocurrency developers can now launch their own tokens on KardiaChain as KRC20 tokens similar to ERC20 tokens. KaridaChain has also launched their own Decentralized Exchange DEX and other DeFi Decentralized Finance products like their hot summer DeFi yield farming — Let’s review KardiaChain!

Learn how to use the Kardia Extension Wallet on the KardiaChain blockchain with their official Medium guide here –
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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 This blockchain is interoperable & has gaming!?
01:29 What is KardiaChain?
03:51 Staking & earning passive income with $KAI
04:46 KardiaChain’s team & potential as Top 20 blockchain
05:52 KardiaChain mainnet & dApps
07:11 Their blockchain gaming can bring crypto to new users
08:48 How to buy $KAI on the KardiaChain & yield farm
11:25 VoskCoin KardiaChain review

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