Bechari Qudsia – Episode 31 – 20th August 2022 – HAR PAL GEO

Bechari Qudsia – Episode 31 – 20th August 2022 – HAR PAL GEO

Bechari Qudsia – Episode 31 – 20th August 2022 – HAR PAL GEO

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Bechari Qudsia narrates a story of a young and naïve girl, Qudsia who belongs to a lower-middle-class family. Her aspirations and dreams of moving ahead in life keep her occupied. Despite working menial jobs, Qudsia’s parents have high hopes for their daughter and want her to acquire higher education. After years of hard work and academic excellence, Qudsia is able to secure a scholarship in one of the city’s most prestigious university. Getting exposed to new surroundings and people from the upper class, Qudsia soon begins to lose her real self. Due to societal standards, Qudsia is forced to lie about herself and her background which leads to multiple tribulations at every step of her life.

Despite the humiliation faced by society, will Qudsia muster the courage to reveal her real self and will people accept her? Will Qudsia find someone who will support her in this journey?

Written by: Irfan Ahmed Shams

Directed by: Irfan Aslam

Production House: Electro Entertainment


Fatima Effendi as Qudsia
Bilal Qureshi as Ibrahim
Moomal Khalid as Anaya
Shabbir Jan as Rasheed
Kinza Malik as Hajra
Ali Rizvi as Ilyas
Mizna Waqas as Kishwar
Ayesha Gull as Rabia
Farhan Ali Agha as Iqbal
Laiba Khan as Anoushey
Kamran Jilani as Ashfaq
Beena Chaudary as Nurgis
Daniyal Afzal as Khalid
Asfand as Bilal
Qasim Khan as Rehan
Aliha Chaudary as Rida
Fahima Awan as Naila
Yasir Alam as Ali


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