The FaZe Crypto Scam Just Got Weirder…

The FaZe Crypto Scam Just Got Weirder…

You may remember that a few months ago, some members of FaZe Clan were wrapped up in what appeared to be a massive crypto scam.

Some members of FaZe were suspended but one member, FaZe Kay, was removed from the org altogether.

We thought it might end there but now, Kay has come forward and blamed the entire thing on one of the most controversial people in YouTube’s history. This weird story just got a whole lot weirder.

Written & Hosted by: Danny Burke (@lurkeyburke)
Edited by: Connor Dunn (@ConnorDunn_)
Thumbnail by: William O’Keefe
Produced by: Keith Capstick (@KeithCapstick)

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