? Coinbase Buys $500M in Crypto  | This Week in Crypto – Aug 23, 2021

? Coinbase Buys $500M in Crypto | This Week in Crypto – Aug 23, 2021

? Here’s what happened this week in Crypto. For the complete stories visit: https://bit.ly/3y8QDly

0:21 Coinbase Will Buy $500M in Crypto and Invest its Profits – https://bit.ly/3zcbHZP
0:42 Facebook’s Novi Digital Wallet is Ready to Launch – https://bit.ly/3z8WDfr
1:02 All Binance Users Must Verify Their Accounts – https://bit.ly/2WkiaDI
1:28 Wells Fargo Launches Bitcoin Fund for its Wealthy Clients – https://bit.ly/2Waok9I
1:46 Make Home Payments with Bitcoin – https://bit.ly/3j6jSkF
2:06 Alibaba Launches NFT Marketplace – https://bit.ly/3gpiN5N
2:25 Walmart Is Seeking a Blockchain Specialist – https://bit.ly/3mowKF1
2:43 T-Mobile Compromised Data Now Selling for BTC – https://bit.ly/3kwwqSf
3:05 US Offers Crypto Rewards to Identify Hackers – https://bit.ly/3sBtI1k

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